Rocks Land General Maintenance

Rocks Land General Maintenance


Our mission is to be the one contact solution anytime to meet the needs of our customers. We understand that people want immediate answers from reliable vendors. We use cutting edge technology and employee loyalty to provide immediate answers. We deliver a client centric approach by visiting our clients and keeping an open line of communication to identify their facility maintenance and budgetary goals and developing a comprehensive program that exceeds them.

Our Services

Floor maintenance

Painting Service

AC maintenance

Air Duct maintenance

Building / Villa / Showroom Maintenance


Building Cleaning

Window cleaning

Commercial cleaning

Construction cleaning

Pest control


Electrical works

Plumbing works

Carpentry works


Tile flooring

False ceiling

Gypsum/Glass/Wooden partitions.

Rocksland Maintenance and Complaint Software

System overview:

The tenant focused software will be installed in tablets in villas and on touch screen computers that will be installed in the lobby of the buildings, the software will allow the tenants to logins to their accounts, view important information about their current rent contract, and submit complaints about failures to the maintenance team.


The login screen is the main entry point to the system please use the user name and password provided with your tenancy contract.

Submitting a Report:

The main page of the application provides important information and allows you to submit a request for maintenance from our crew. It also provides important information about the due date of your next payment, as well as the amount and the contract start and end dates. The form on the right used to submit the maintenance requests the field will provide


This screen provides a feedback on the success of the submission and whether you need to submit another report on log out of the application.

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